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What Kinds Of Garage Door Services Do Our ICEBERG Technicians Offer?


Our team of experts in ICEBERG OVERHEAD DOORS provide many expert quality services.

These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Your call answered by one of our expert team members – GUARANTEED

  • Same-Day Service

  • Open evenings, nights, and weekends

  • Repair and service for all brands

  • Free-of-charge consultations and estimates on new garage doors

  • Annual maintenance

  • Garage door openers

  • Remote control and keyless - entry

  • Garage Door springs

  • Garage door cables

  • Garage door hinges and rollers

  • Spring system conversion

  • Much, much more


Garage door springs can be dangerous. The danger lies in what happens when the springs suddenly fail. Since the spring is under constant tension, a sudden failure can cause the spring to break apart violently. Without the right safety measures in place, a sudden spring failure can cause serious injuries to anyone standing nearby as well as damage to personal property stored inside your garage,

There are two types of garage door springs — torsion springs and extension springs. Both types heavily rely on tension to work. As your garage door closes, the force exerted on the spring through the garage door cables wind the spring.

Stored energy is eventually released as the spring unwinds when the door is opened. This makes it easier to open your garage door. An extension spring can sometimes be even more dangerous because its not placed on a shaft, it will be located on the side of the door or starched along each of the horizontal tracks, there for closer to people.

Fatigue is the most common reason for garage door spring failure. The constant winding and unwinding places stress on the metallic coils causing it to eventually break. Most springs were designed to last for 10,000 cycles — so lifetimes can vary between different households with different needs.

Door drums

Door drums are the grooved circular rollers attached to the torsion spring shaft responsible for lifting heavy garage doors. Like all other machines, even the small parts are important.



After a certain period, garage doors start making weird noises while opening and closing. This occurs mainly due to the prolonged usage of doors and also due to broken rollers.


Garage door hinges are a vital part of the structural assembly of your garage door as they connect the various sections of the door keeping them together. They are available in types according to their location on door sections. This essential garage door part comes in different styles, sizes, and thicknesses 

Garage door hinge numbers for residential applications range from 1 through 5. Because commercial garage doors are usually larger than residential doors, the thicker commercial garage door hinges are placed higher on the door and are numbered six through ten.



Garage door electric trolly opener


Just like in an elevator, the electric motor does not provide most of the power to move a heavy garage door. Instead, most of door's weight is offset by the springs attached to the door, otherwise they would be too heavy for a person to open or close them. In a typical design, torsion springs apply torque to a shaft, and that shaft applies a force to the garage door via steel counterbalance cables. The electric opener provides only a small amount of force basically lifting whatever we are lifting when the door is well balanced. The balance of the door is especially important for how the opener will behave, if the door is too hot the opener will not be able to close the door because it will feel too much resistance, if the door will be too heavy, the opener will struggle lifting the door or in worst cases won't be able to lift the door at all. in all cases it will take toll on the life expectancy of the garage door opener.


The typical electric garage door opener consists of a power unit that contains the electric motor. The power unit attaches to a track. A trolley connected to an arm that attaches to the top of the garage door slides back and forth on the track, thus opening and closing the garage door. The trolley is pulled along the track by a chainbelt, or screw that turns when the motor is operated. A quick-release mechanism is attached to the trolley to allow the garage door to be disconnected from the opener for manual operation during a power failure or in case of emergency. Limit switches on the power unit control the distance the garage door opens and closes once the motor receives a signal from the remote control or wall push button to operate the door.

The garage door opener also holds the door closed in place of a lock.



Components that comes with most openers:

  • Ceiling unit & rail.

  • Door control wall station unit.

  • Remote control.

  • Photo eyes.

  • Keyless entry

  • Built-in Wi-Fi allows for smartphone control (myQ app).


On specific models you can also find:

  • Battery Backup allows you to open/close your door even when the power is out.

  • Automatic Garage Door Lock capable


Garage door electric side mount (jackshaft) opener


This style of opener consists of a motor that attaches to the side of the torsion rod and moves the door up and down by simply spinning the rod. These openers need a few extra components to function safely for residential use:

  • cable tension monitor (detect when a cable is broken or loose)

  • locking mechanism to lock the door when it is fully closed.

These have the advantage that they free up ceiling space that an ordinary opener and rail would occupy. These also have the disadvantage that the door must have a torsion rod to attach the motor to.

The jackshaft opener allows residential home owners that have high ceilings to use a high lift system that will allow the door to keep moving up all the way to the ceiling, a trolly opener cant be used with such system, only the jack shaft.

Tip – side mount operator with standard lift system is always recommended to have a set of pusher springs added to the back of the horizontal tracks.




  • If you open the door many times each day, causing your spring to break much faster, please let us know and we can offer you a great solution in the shape of high cycled spring.

  • In case you own a double door with 2 springs, it is more than recommended to replace both springs even though only 1 is broken. The reason is that the second spring also reached its maximum cycles along with the broken one.

Please do not attempt to replace them yourself with out proper experience and right tools!!!

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